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Commercial & Home Garage Door Service in Brooklyn Center, MN

Local Garage Door Repairs

garage door services in Twin Cities MNAs a local garage door company who prides themselves in providing their clients with a first class service, All Seasons Garage Door Company is proud to serve the Brooklyn Center community with its garage door and dock leveler services.  Working with various properties, our technicians are adequately trained for residential and commercial garage door, dock leveler, fire door and high speed door replacements and repairs. Our 23 employees, including 2 master technicians, are highly trained and work according to our core principles in order to provide the highest service possible while serving your home or business.

Residential & Commercial Garage Doors

While working to determine the best solution for your residential or commercial garage door, we consider the benefits of lower energy bills, increased safety and durable design.  To accommodate your residential or commercial style and various preferences, we handle multiple brands, colors and materials all while maintaining safety considerations.


Brooklyn Center’s Top Residential Garage Door Company

As we serve the Brooklyn Center community with 24/7 service availability, we look forward to providing you a trusted garage door, loading dock & high speed door service! Contact us today for reliable garage door services!

Residential Garage Doors

Home Garage Door Repairs In Twin Cities MN
Home Garage Door Company

The desire for home security is one of the most forefront concerns for any homeowner. Ensuring the safety of your family and home from danger is a concern everyone shares, and to the credit of many homeowners, people take the necessary precautions of installing security lights, making sure their doors are locked and ensuring proper functioning window locks. A major area homeowners can forget however is the home garage door. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our goal is to make sure your family and home interior are safe through our services of providing secure and high-quality garage doors.

If you’re needing a full garage door replacement, simple mechanical repair, or an updated garage door style to match the exterior of your home, we are glad to provide our trusted home garage door services to your home in the Brooklyn Center area. All garage doors we install are durable, updated and reliable!

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Door Repairs In Twin Cities MN
Garage Doors For Companies In Brooklyn Center

Our company doesn’t forget about those businesses needing commercial garage door services, which is why we are proud to provide companies with a number of different garage door solutions. For many businesses, shipping and logistics are their main services and need robust garage door and dock leveler operations. Others, such as parking ramps, may need reliable temperature control operations. And for more businesses or schools, they need to make sure they have quality fire safety measures in place. For all of these needs listed, we can help. The expert garage door technicians at All Seasons Garage Door Company are trained and experienced in providing the best commercial garage door services. We are ready at a moment’s notice to offer a timely and effective solution to your automated garage door problems.

For all of your preventative fire control measures, our innovative fire doors can be installed with triggers to release due to alarm or heat. Additionally, we can also service your high-speed door installations to provide a means of keeping your temperature-controlled environments as they should. These high-speed doors are incredible mechanisms because of their durable fabric construction.

Common Garage Door Problems

If not properly maintained, it is common that certain problems may occur with your garage door. We often see that the tracks on garage doors are warped or damaged after constant use on garage doors we repair. The resulting damage may cause a dangerous situation as the heavy garage door can come loose and fall during operation. Other frequent circumstances we come across are broken springs. A few obvious signs of having a broken spring may include hearing a “pop” when it breaks, noticing your garage door is struggling to open, or being frozen in the down position. If your garage door tracks aren’t cleaned regularly, the guide wheels have a possibility of popping out of the tracks and causing damage to your entire garage door system. Having professionals perform maintenance checks on your garage door is important in making sure your garage door is functioning properly!

Garage Door Gallery

Why Choose All Seasons Garage Door Company?

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we want your home and business to be as secure as possible. Adding a new garage door with proper insulation and security features is a tremendous way to liven up your home exterior and create a safer place to live. All Seasons Garage Door is proud to offer our incredible garage door services to Brooklyn Center and surrounding areas.