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High quality garage door services in mnGive your home an upgrade with a new garage door from All Seasons Garage Door! We are a family-owned, trusted garage door company that performs residential and commercial garage door repair services, replacements, and installations. We carry a number of makes and models of new garage doors and our staff will help you to perfectly select the right garage door for your home or business. We know that the design of each property is different when it comes to specific size and style, which is why we offer garage doors that are custom to the look of your individual home or business. Once your new garage door has been selected, we will continue with the installation process to get the job done efficiently. We will make sure you’re satisfied with your garage door upon completion.

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

At All Seasons Garage Door, we do more than just install new garage doors. We also perform emergency garage door repairs and are available 24/7 in case of emergency. It is recommended that homeowners inspect their garage doors once a year to make sure it is functioning properly. We are there whenever you need us and are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to perform any type of residential or commercial garage door repair service along with dock leveler, high speed and fire door services. We service the West Metro and surrounding areas, including Eden Prairie, MN. If your garage door needs to replaced or repaired, give us a call today!

Residential Garage Doors

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When homeowners want to improve their home security, many people first address the security of their windows, door locks and security lights. Even though upgrading these parts of your home is an effective strategy to improve your home’s security, residential garage doors are oftentimes overlooked. If you currently have an outdated home garage door, your susceptibility to preventable break-ins may increase. As we continue to serve the great community of Eden Prairie, we would love to help increase the security of your home along with providing a fresh, new aesthetic.

If you’ve recently resided your home or painted it a new color, choosing a new garage door is the perfect finishing touch. Our garage doors will provide improved insulation to keep your vehicles cooler during the hot summer months along with keeping out the cold winter weather.

Commercial Garage Doors

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Garage Door Services For Eden Prairie Businesses

Along with our garage door services to homes throughout the Eden Prairie community, we also recognize the large amount of commercial industries within this thriving city. It is our pleasure to bring quality and affordable solutions to Eden Prairie businesses and schools. If your company is in any industry which ships or receives goods via a loading dock, check out our dock leveler and commercial garage door services. Our experienced team is able to both repair and install brand new mechanisms. Others in the commercial or large event center industry may need our incredible high-speed door services. These doors are constructed from a highly durable fabric which is near-impossible to damage and easy to place back into the tracks if knocked out of place. These doors work well for environments with indoor temperature control along with those desiring fast and automatic opening and closing.

Finally, we offer our fire door services to the Eden Prairie commercial industry. This unique door can be triggered by smoke, or an alarm and releases the door to close which protects individuals from being affected by a potential fire

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When you’re looking for a reliable garage door company to fix or replace a damaged home garage door, commercial garage door, dock leveler, or high-speed door, call the professionals at All Seasons Garage Door Company. Our 40+ years of experience is clearly seen as we work with diligence, knowledge and effectiveness during every job. Whether you’re looking to have your Eden Prairie home garage door or commercial garage door have serviced, call our expert team of garage door specialists today!