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Home Garage Door Repairs & Replacements in Fridley, MN

Trusted Garage Door Repair Company

High quality garage door services in mnFamily and locally-owned All Seasons Garage Door Company is proud to provide its trusted home garage door repair services along with commercial garage door, dock leveler and fire door services to the community of Fridley, MN.  Focusing on the repair and replacement of these operations, we have a talented team of 23 employees. This includes 2 master technicians who are highly trained and ready to provide excellent garage door solutions.  

Benefits Of New Garage Door Installation

While garage doors are oftentimes eyesores and safety hazards, they also have huge potential for increasing curb appeal and property safety.  Having families and living in communities of our own, we understand the importance of feeling safe in your home. This is why we want to bring the Fridley community our best services.  Handling multiple sizes, colors and styles to fit your needs along with a 24/7 service availability for those emergency situations, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience.  Along with residential safety, we realize the importance of proper commercial garage doors.  Keeping your business safe and operating smoothly is our goal, and servicing your home or commercial garage door with any repairs or replacements is our pleasure.

Residential Garage Doors

Home Garage Door Repairs In Twin Cities MN
Fridley Home Garage Doors

When Fridley homeowners want to improve their home security, the popular first choices to upgrade are the door locks, windows and outdoor security lights. Though these aspects of your home are important to upgrade and ensure their proper working order, many individuals forget about the security their home garage doors provide. If you currently have an old garage door, you may be more susceptible to preventable break-ins. Just as we do for the entire Twin Cities metro, we love helping the Fridley community by providing brand new, secure home garage doors.

Along with a new garage door being a security upgrade, this can also provide a chance to update your home exterior and increase your curb appeal. Even more, our new home garage doors provide better insulation for your garage. This means your vehicles will be parked in cooler temperatures during the hot summer months and they will keep out more cold during the winter season.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Door Repairs In Twin Cities MN
Trusted Commercial Garage Door Services

In addition to our home garage door services throughout the Fridley area, we also provide innovative and reliable solutions to local businesses. If your company deals with shipping and receiving goods via a loading dock, make sure to look at our commercial garage door and dock leveler services. Our expert crew of commercial garage door specialists both repairs and installs brand new garage doors and dock levelers for your business operations. For others in the commercial industry, our high-speed door services will be an amazing benefit to their daily operations. Created from a durable fabric which is able to withstand abuse from forklifts and trucks, this mechanism is easy to return to its tracks if it becomes dislodged.

For any industry business or commercial property looking to easily control their indoor temperature or install automated doors, these high-speed doors will do the trick. Our fire doors are also a great service to the Fridley commercial industry as they protect various parts of a building from being affected by fires. These mechanisms can be triggered by an alarm or smoke detection and are then released to close in order to protect individuals and areas of a building from being affected by a potential fire.

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Why Choose All Seasons Garage Door Company?

Through our 40+ years of serving the greater Fridley area with high quality garage door repair and installation services, we have seen it all. From home garage door repairs, to commercial garage door installations and everything in between. When you’re looking for a reliable and experienced garage door company to service your home or company garage door, look no further than All Seasons Garage Door Company. Our repair and installation specialists will quickly and effectively serve your Fridley garage door.