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Installing a new garage door provides a number of benefits including increased value, insulation, safety and reliability to your home or business. When you receive a new garage door from All Seasons Garage Door, you’ll also receive a top-notch service which is catered to your needs. In order to work with different styles of homes, we are able to create a custom garage door for your home or business no matter the size or the style. In addition to an updated residential or commercial garage door, our garage door openers are able to connect to wifi, allowing you to control your garage door from your smart phone. In case your garage door malfunctions, we offer emergency garage door service 24/7 and are available to our customers any time of day in the unfortunate case of an emergency. We are the trusted residential and commercial garage door, dock leveler and high speed door experts that care and are here whenever you need us.

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To give your home or business the perfect finishing touch with a new garage door, contact us today. As a local, family-owned garage door company, we service the Twin Cities and West Metro, including St. Paul. If you’re looking to replace your garage door at your St. Paul home, we are here to help.

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It’s often not a main priority when setting up safeguards for your family home, but having a properly functioning home garage door is very important in making sure your family and house is safe in St. Paul. If your garage door’s tracks, cables, panels, motor or springs are not working properly, you could be at risk of experiencing preventable damage caused by your garage door. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our professional garage door technicians can provide high quality and timely solutions for your current home garage door situation. If you’re simply needing a quick garage door repair, replacement of panels, or an entire installation to make your garage door match the exterior of your home, our expert technicians will provide a 5-star experience.

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Along with our home garage door repair and replacement services, we also provide high quality commercial garage door fixes in St. Paul, MN. Many garage door companies choose to focus on just residential garage door services, but our professional technicians are highly trained and experienced in dock leveler, commercial garage door, high speed roll up door and fire door services. If your company deals with shipping and logistics, our commercial garage door and dock leveler options are perfect for you. Whether the electrical or hydraulic systems aren’t working, or your garage door motor needs tuning up, we will provide the best solution. High speed doors are also great options for temperature-controlled environments or high traffic locations where a movable barrier is needed between areas. Our fire door services are also a very important service that we offer. These doors can be released by either heat from the fire, or it can be triggered by a nearby fire alarm.

Common Garage Door Problems

Many times, commercial and home garage doors experience the same kinds of difficulties. One example of a common situation is that the tracks are out of alignment. If this situation occurs, using your garage door could be dangerous as the guide wheels can slip out of place and cause the door to fall. Another problem that can occur with garage doors is a broken spring. Signs of this breakage include hearing a loud “pop” noise, which is the spring breaking, the garage door motor struggling to lift the panels, or the entire garage door being stuck in a down position. Also, beware of grinding noises or any other sound you hear that doesn’t sound like normal operational use. Various foreign objects can make their way into the tracks or gears and cause damage to the garage door’s normal operation.

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All Seasons Garage Door Company has been providing high quality garage door services to its clients for almost 40 years. Whether you’re needing residential or commercial garage door, dock leveler, fire door or high speed roll up door services, our expert technicians will provide a quality and prompt solution.