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Here at All Seasons Garage Door Company, we place high value on safety. With this being a main focus of ours, we wanted to share some tips to keep your garage door safe and running well. Here are our top 10 tips for garage door safety and maintenance. Garage Door Safety Tips Make sure the...
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New Opener
As technology gets more advanced and more products become available, we continue to strive to provide the highest quality experience to each of our customers.  We recently outfitted our sales staff with some new technology.  We now have tablets in the field with our sales staff to utilize and make the home consultation more efficient...
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garage door services in mn
Many people ask us why we use the “dirty & black springs” with our door installs and service repairs.  The answer is simple.  Oil tempered springs (black ones) outperform the galvanized ones (silver ones) you may be seeing out there today.  Galvanized springs were very popular about 10 years ago and started to become more...
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Liftmaster 2
It’s amazing in the world of technology that from anywhere in the world using either a smartphone, tablet or computer we can control so much. Did you know that you can now monitor your garage door, open and close it, control lights or lamps in your home from anywhere in the world? . In addition you...
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Lightning Garage Door Opener Issues
We wanted to share a couple tips regarding your garage door openers and lightning strikes or power surges.  After a thunderstorm we see garage door openers that start having issues after a power surge due to lightning.  When this happens the circuit board on the opener and possibly the safety photo eyes may be damaged....
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All Seasons Garage Door Team
Welcome to the All Seasons Garage Door Blog, We hope that you will come visit our blog often and we will try to entertain you with everything “garage doors”! Our hope is that you will learn a little, laugh a little and get all your questions answered about garage doors.    
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