Bikes, Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers & The Benefits Of A Keyless Garage Entry

Installing A Keyless Entry System For Your Garage

Spring is here and summer is on it’s way! Although as I am writing this blog, it is only 51 in degrees in the Twin Cities and it doesn’t feel much like spring or summer, but I am living on the fact that spring has been arriving for hundreds of thousands of years so I am guessing this year will be no different.

As we prepare for summer weather and all the tools and equipment associated with our lives in the summer, consider a keyless entry for your garage. Rakes, shovels, hoses, lawn mowers, bikes, boats and motorcycles are part of our summer repertoire of equipment that we store in our garages. The easy convenient access of our tools and toys is important as every moment is precious in our short Minnesota summers.


Benefits Of Keyless Entry Garage Systems

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Easy and safe access to the house through the garage door keyless entry is a great option for kids coming home from summer school or even a bike ride. A keyless entry will get you access to your lawn mower easily for that quick lawn touch up before your summer barbeque.

Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers have a wonderful keyless entry selection. Current models have the option of operating up to 6 compatible Liftmaster operators with one keyless entry unit. A simple unique code for each garage door opener makes it possible to operate multiple garage doors from one unit.

When considering your keyless entry system also consider purchasing a key disconnect for the option of disconnecting your garage door opener during those summer power outages. Don’t be caught locked out of the house during a storm or power outage if you only have access to your home through your garage. The simple addition of a keyless entry to your garage door opening system could save you time and frustration during a power outage.


Keyless Entry Installation Pros In Twin Cities MN

With summer almost here, consider a keyless entry system to make your bike, motorcycles and lawn mowers accessible with the touch of a button. Maybe your motorcycle has a lawn mower built in! Make sure you have easy access to all your fun summer toys. Contact the pros at All Seasons Garage Door today to learn more about installing your very own!