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Avoid Garage Door Problems This Winter School has just started up again this week and fall is just around the corner.  This time of year always reminds me that its a great time to get your garage door and operator serviced for the upcoming winter season.  No one wants to deal with a door problem...
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Need New Weather Stripping For Your Garage Door? Does your garage door leak when it rains?  With all this rain we have been having lately you may have noticed your door is not up to the task of keeping the elements out anymore.  Minnesota is notorious for being hard on our home’s exterior as we...
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Lightning Garage Door Opener Issues
Lightning (and garage door opener circuit board) Season **Crash… boom… crack… rumble** Sound familiar? It is spring in Minnesota. Or as we call it here at All Seasons Garage Door Company, circuit board season. This is the time of year for lightning strikes and the rumble of thunder. Garage door openers are sensitive to power...
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Time To Check On Your Garage Components Hopefully warmer weather is just around the corner, and with that comes spending time outside, barbecues and everything else that goes with summer. People will be spending time in their garages working on lawn mowers, having get togethers and hopefully enjoying the summer weather. It’s a great time...
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All Seasons Garage Door Team - garage door professionals
Spring cleaning offers us a chance to clean, organize and try to utilize that space a little better.  It also offers us a chance to evaluate your garage door and operator. If they are still in good shape a simple tune up and lubrication will probably be all that is needed to get you through...
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All Seasons Garage Door Team - garage door professionals
When you push your remote to close the door, does the door not go down?  Does the light blink, or does the door reverse back open after only going down a few inches?  This could be a very common problem and typically easy to fix! Your Garage Door Problem May Be Due To Your Photo...
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