Fire Doors

Fire Doors

All Seasons Garage Door Company offer a variety of services involving rollings steel or side sliding fire doors. We are IDA (International Door Association) certified in drop testing and servicing fire doors. We also install and service fire doors. Fire doors are required by NFPA-80 to be drop tested once per year to make sure they drop correctly and also insure safety to people and product.

Fire doors are designed to separate parts of buildings that have a greater chance of a fire starting and spreading throughout a building. If the doors do not drop as designed it can cause a fire to spread and cause damage to product, or worse yet, life.

How do they work?

Fire doors can work one of two ways. Either mechanically, with a small link that will burn out at 165 degrees and drop the fire door, or electronically if you have your fire doors tied in with a fire system or smoke alarms throughout the building.

The doors are designed to drop at a specific rate when triggered as to not hurt anyone that may be walking underneath the fire door as it closes. A fire door that drops too quickly or too slowly can result in a failure of the door.

Why do fire doors fail?

There are many reasons why fire doors can fail. They are usually located in places of high traffic of pedestrians and movement of product. If a fire door is hit it can pinch the tracks causing the door to hang up and fire to travel through the opening. Also if buildings have been recently painted sometimes an extra layer of paint can result in a link not burning out at the correct temperature or the door not closing at all.

Rarely are there fires in buildings which means your fire doors will stay stationary for long periods of time. When this happens parts can rust or collect enough dust to mechanically hinder the way a door is supposed to operate in the rare case of a fire.

Another reason to get your fire doors inspected even if they are new is they are not always inspected upon installation. Even though a door is new does not mean that it is in proper working condition. Many times during the year we encounter fire doors newly installed that have fire links located in incorrect positions that will delay the drop of fire doors or in some cases to not drop at all.

What kind of liability is involved with fire doors?

If you do not annually drop test fire doors, and a fire causes damage to the property or people due to a failure of the door system, you may be held liable. Even if the owner of the property signs a waiver of liability, if the fire injures anyone other than that owner, or damaged property belonging to anyone other than that owner, you may be held liable. Call All Seasons Garage Door to test, service or install your commercial fire door.