IDA-Certified Fire Doors in Andover, MN

Fire Door Installation

Are you looking for fire door installation services in Andover?

In the event of a fire, having the right safety measures in place can limit the damage. Fire doors are designed to seal off vulnerable areas of a building if a fire breaks out. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we can install and test top-rated fire doors for your home or business in Andover.

Fire Door Installation & Testing Services

Once a fire is detected, fire doors are designed to drop down and seal the blaze away. These doors may be either mechanical or electrical. Mechanical fire doors often have a temperature sensor that triggers the door if the air gets above 165ºF. Electrical fire doors can be linked to fire alarms and other safety systems to deploy when needed.

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our fire doors are designed to meet IDA (International Door Association) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) safety standards. Our fire doors drop at a safe pace for occupants, avoiding the risk of further injury. Our experienced team can provide quick and efficient fire door installation. We can also perform emergency fire door repairs to help keep your property safe.

If your fire doors aren’t up to scratch, the damage could be costly. Our team can carry out annual recommended tests to ensure that your fire doors work perfectly.

Andover’s Safest Fire Door Solutions

When disaster strikes, safety is always the top priority. Contact All Seasons Garage Door Company today if you require fire door services in the Andover area!


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