Fire Door Installation Services in Anoka, MN

Fire Door Installation in Anoka

Would you like fire door installation services in Anoka?

Fires are an ever-present danger for commercial and residential properties alike. An inferno can spread through a building extremely quickly, causing devastating damage and even loss of life. Fire doors are the first line of defense against fire damage, closing off vulnerable areas once a fire is identified.

All Seasons Garage Door Company provides installation, repair, and testing for first-class fire doors for homes and businesses in Anoka.

IDA-Approved Fire Door Installation

When a fire breaks out in your apartment block or warehouse, fire doors will automatically seal off the inferno mechanically or electrically. Electrical fire doors can be integrated into your fire alarm system, triggering automatically. Mechanical fire doors use pre-programmed temperature sensors to shut down the area if the temperature peaks above 165ºF.

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we can install NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and IDA (International Door Association) certified fire doors to keep everyone in your building safe. Our dedicated team can also repair and test existing fire doors, ensuring that they provide the best possible protection.

The IDA recommends that fire doors are tested once a year. It’s easy to book a test with our expert technicians, giving you peace of mind that your doors can cope with a sudden blaze.

Complete Fire Door Services in Anoka

If fire doors don’t work properly, the damage and risk can be catastrophic. Call the team at All Seasons Garage Door Company today for professional fire door services in the Anoka area!


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