IDA-Certified Fire Door Installation in Bloomington, MN

Fire Door Installation in Bloomington 

Are you interested in fire door installation services in Bloomington?

A sudden fire can break out at any time, putting the occupants of your home or business in grave danger. Once a fire starts, it can be difficult to contain as it rips through the building. Fire doors are specifically designed to seal off defenseless areas from the blaze, helping protect the rest of the building.

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our teams can install, test, and repair IDA-Certified fire doors in houses and businesses in Bloomington.

Fire Door Installation & Repair Services

Fire doors can respond instantly if a fire breaks out, either through mechanical or electrical means. Mechanical fire doors have sensors that tell the door to close if temperatures soar above 165ºF. Electrical doors can be connected to existing fire alarm networks, allowing them to close as soon as an alarm is triggered.

The experienced team at All Seasons Garage Door Company can provide top-notch fire door services to protect the occupants of your building. We offer fire door installation in line with IDA (International Door Association) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards. We also offer fire door repairs and testing services to give you the best possible defense against unexpected fires.

According to IDA guidelines, fire doors should be tested at least once a year. Allow our experts to test the response of your fire doors and check whether each one drops down safely.

Bloomington’s Premier Fire Door Experts

The consequences of leaving fire doors untested can be devastating. Call the experts at the All Seasons Garage Door Company today for first class fire door services in the Bloomington area!


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