Fire Door Installation & Repair in Brooklyn Park, MN

Fire Door Installation Services in Brooklyn Park

Are you in need of fire door installation services in Brooklyn Park?

If a fire suddenly erupts in your commercial or residential building, fire doors can help protect vulnerable areas. This helps reduce the damage and gives occupants time to get out safely. When triggered, fire doors automatically drop down to contain the blaze, making them an essential part of your fire protection program.

For professional fire door installation, repairs, and testing in Brooklyn Park, look no further than All Seasons Garage Door Company.

IDA-Certified Fire Door Installation & Maintenance

Fire doors may be triggered mechanically or electronically. Mechanical fire doors use temperature sensors to activate the door if interior temperatures rise higher than 165ºF. Electrical fire doors connect to the fire alarm system of your property, reacting instantly to an inferno.

The team at All Seasons Garage Door Company knows that protecting your property and the people inside it is your primary concern. That’s why we offer fire door installations approved by both the IDA (International Door Association) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Our crew can also test your doors to ensure that they function properly. If needed, we can carry out fire door repairs.

The IDA recommends that fire doors be tested at least once a year to make sure that they work properly. Our experts undertake thorough fire door tests, making sure that each door drops down safely and effectively if a fire breaks out.

Brooklyn Park’s Leading Fire Door Specialists

When the worst happens, fire doors can mitigate the damage. If you require fire door installation, testing, or repairs in the Brooklyn Park area, contact the team at All Seasons Garage Door Company today!


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