Fire Door Services in Coon Rapids, MN

Commercial Fire Door Services

Are you seeking fire door installation services in Coon Rapids?

When a fire breaks out, having proper safety mechanisms can mitigate the damage to your commercial building. Installing fire doors will allow you to seal off parts of your property, protecting them from fire damage. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our technicians can both install and replace high-quality fire doors at your business in Coon Rapids.

Expert Fire Door Installation

When a fire starts in your commercial building in Coon Rapids, fire doors will close to seal the flames in a specific area. Our crew can install both mechanical and electrical fire doors for your company. Mechanical doors are triggered when their sensor detects intense heat while electrical doors are linked to fire alarms and close when the alarms are triggered.

All Seasons Garage Door Company is committed to the safety of our clients, which is why all of our fire doors are built to meet both IDA and NFPA safety specifications. Our experts can install new fire doors for your workplace in Coon Rapids and we can also repair or replace old fire doors that you’re no longer confident in.

If your fire doors fail on you, the results could be disastrous. We can test your fire doors annually to make sure that they’re fully functional and attend to any problems we discover.

The Best Fire Door Services in Coon Rapids

When the worst happens, the safety of your staff, customers and assets is of the utmost importance. Get in contact with All Seasons Garage Door Company today for superior fire door services in the Coon Rapids area!


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