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Eden Prairie Fire Door Services

Are you interested in fire door installation services in Eden Prairie?

Of the many problems that might arise in your commercial property, fires are the most dangerous. If a fire is allowed to spread through your building unchecked, it can cause irreparable damage and fatalities. Fortunately, this tragedy can be prevented by installing fire doors to protect your workplace. All Seasons Garage Door Company offers fire door installation, repair and replacement services for your business in Eden Prairie.

Premium Fire Door Installation

In the event of a fire in your commercial building in Eden Prairie, fire doors will automatically close to contain the inferno. Our team can install both electrical and mechanical fire doors in your building. Electrical fire doors are connected to your alarm system and will shut when your alarms are set off while mechanical fire doors have temperature sensors which allow them to seal when the air becomes hotter than 165ºF.

All Seasons Garage Door Company is dedicated to protecting our clients, and the fire doors we install are always certified by both the NFPA and the IDA. In addition to installing new fire doors at your commercial property in Eden Prairie, our team can also repair and replace your current fire doors to make sure they’ll still keep you safe when the worst happens.

The IDA advises conducting annual tests of our fire doors. You can schedule a test with our technicians to make sure that your building’s fire doors are operating smoothly so that we can take care of any problems we discover.

The Ultimate Fire Door Services in Eden Prairie

If there are no fire doors in your building, your property is at risk of devastation. Call up All Seasons Garage Door Company today for the premier fire door services in the Eden Prairie area!


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