Fire Door Services in Fridley, MN

Commercial Fire Door Installation 

Are you in need of fire door installation services in Fridley?

Many factors can cause a fire to start, endangering your business and anyone inside of it. Unless contained quickly, a fire will rage through a building, causing immense damage. However, fire doors can seal off vulnerable areas of your building during a fire, protecting those within. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, our specialists are experienced in performing fire door installation, repair and replacements for commercial buildings in Fridley.

First Class Fire Door Installation & Repair Services

If a fire starts in your commercial building in Fridley, both mechanical and electrical fire doors will instantly seal to contain the blaze. Mechanical fire doors are closed by sensors that detect spikes in temperature while electrical doors will seal when your fire alarm system is triggered.

All Seasons Garage Door Company strives to protect your property and those within it by installing fire doors that meet the safety standards of the IDA and the NFPA. Aside from installation, we can repair or fully replace the fire doors at your workplace in Fridley.

The IDA recommends that your company should test your fire doors every year to ensure they are functioning flawlessly. Our experts can conduct this test for you and fix any problems we encounter.

Fridley’s Leading Fire Door Experts

A fire can devastate your commercial building but the right fire doors can save the day. Get in contact with All Seasons Garage Door Company today for top-tier fire door services in the Fridley area!


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