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Commercial Fire Door Services

Do you require fire door installation services in Maple Grove?

No one ever expects a fire but when one breaks out, the damage to your commercial building can be catastrophic. To reduce the damage and protect those inside your property, you would be wise to install fire doors. If a fire is detected, fire doors will drop to wall in the flames, shielding the rest of your business. If you want fire door installation, replacement or repair services in Maple Grove, All Seasons Garage Door Company is here to help.

Reputable Fire Door Installation & Maintenance

There are two types of fire doors which can be installed in your building in Maple Grove, those that trigger electrically and those which are mechanically activated. Electrical fire doors are linked to your building’s fire alarms and will drop when the alarm system detects a fire while mechanical fire doors will seal automatically if the air temperature rises above 165ºF.

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we know that the safety of the people and assets within your property are your foremost concern, which is why we guarantee that all of our fire doors are certified by the IDA and the NFPA. Our crew can install whichever model of fire door you prefer in your workplace in Maple Grove and we can also repair or replace older fire doors for you.

You should have your fire doors tested annually to ensure that they’ll perform as expected if a fire occurs. Our technicians can perform these tests on your behalf, ensuring that there are no problems with functionality and resolving any issues immediately.

Maple Grove’s Top Fire Door Specialists

If a fire starts, fire doors can save your property and the people inside of it. Contact All Seasons Garage Door Company today for the greatest fire door services in the Maple Grove area!


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