Fire Door Services in New Hope, MN

New Hope Fire Door Installation Services 

Do you require fire door services for your commercial property in New Hope?

Fire doors are one of the essential fire safety measures for your business in New Hope. If a fire breaks out, these doors will automatically close to contain the blaze, allowing your team to evacuate the building. At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we can perform fire door installation, repair and replacement services.

NFPA-Approved Fire Door Installation & Repair

Fire doors may be either electrical or mechanical. Electrical fire doors are designed to automatically close when your fire alarm system is triggered. Mechanical fire doors use a temperature sensor that burns out and closes the door if the air temperature climbs above 165ºF.

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we’ve been performing fire door services for businesses in New Hope since 1981. Our fire door installations are certified by NFPA and IDA safety standards to give you peace of mind. We can also perform fire door replacements to ensure that you have the best possible fire protection.

Fire doors need to close at the right time without injuring people in your building, so a malfunctioning fire door can be a real danger. Our experienced technicians can perform in-depth inspections and any required fire door repairs to help keep your business in New Hope protected.

New Hope’s Best Fire Door Services

If you require fire door installation, repair or replacement services for your commercial property in the New Hope area, call All Seasons Garage Door Company today!

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