Fire Door Installation Services in Oak Grove, MN

Oak Grove Fire Door Installation Services 

Are you in need of NFPA-approved fire door services in Oak Grove?

Fire doors are one of the best fire defenses for your business in Oak Grove. Once a fire is detected, fire doors will automatically close to contain the blaze before it spreads throughout the building. All Seasons Garage Door Company can perform a range of fire door installation, repair and replacement services for your business.

Certified Fire Door Services

Fire doors are divided into two main types: electrical and mechanical. Electrical fire doors can be synced to your fire alarms, deploying automatically once the alarm goes off. Mechanical fire doors deploy if the air temperature gets above 165ºF. All Seasons Garage Door Company offers IDA and NFPA-certified electrical or mechanical fire door installations for your business in Oak Grove.

Fire doors should be checked regularly to ensure that they deploy properly. If a fire door malfunctions and deploys when a fire is not present, it can be a safety risk. During a fire outbreak, fire doors that don’t close fast enough can also be a real danger for your commercial property in Oak Grove.

Our skilled technicians can perform inspections for your fire doors. If we identify a problem, we can correct it through our fire door replacement or repair services.

Oak Grove’s Leading Fire Door Specialists

If your commercial property in Oak Grove needs fire door installation, repair or replacement services, give All Seasons Garage Door Company a call today!

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