Fire Door Services in Plymouth, MN

Plymouth Fire Door Services 

Do you require commercial fire door services in Plymouth?

Fire doors should be one of the main safety protocols for your business in Plymouth. Fire doors can contain a sudden blaze, giving everyone a chance to vacate the building safely while preventing the inferno from ransacking your premises. For first-class fire door services, you can rely on All Seasons Garage Door Company.

NFPA-Approved Fire Door Services

At All Seasons Garage Door Company, we provide businesses in Plymouth with a range of fire door options. The two main types of fire doors are electrical and mechanical. Electrical fire doors can be synchronized with your fire alarms to close when the alarms are triggered. Mechanical fire doors deploy if temperatures exceed 165ºF. Each type of fire door is available in two styles: rolling steel and side sliding.

Our technicians have been providing fire door installation services to businesses in Plymouth since 1981. We’re proud to say that all of our fire doors fully comply with safety standards from both the IDA (International Door Association) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), providing protection that you can trust.

Fire doors need to be tested regularly to ensure that they can deploy properly in an emergency. Thankfully, our experienced technicians can perform IDA drop testing services. These tests are required by the NFPA at least once a year. If any fire door on your property in Plymouth does fail a drop test, our fire door repair and replacement services have got you covered.

The Best Fire Door Services in Plymouth

When disaster strikes, functional fire doors can mean the difference between life and death. Give All Seasons Garage Door Company a call today for top-tier fire door services in the Plymouth area!


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