Fire Door Services in Rogers, MN

Rogers Fire Door Services 

Are you in need of commercial fire door services for your business in Rogers?

If a fire suddenly erupts on your commercial property in Rogers, fire doors can contain the blaze long enough to allow your staff and customers to evacuate. By containing the inferno, fire doors can also help limit the damage sustained by your business. That’s where All Seasons Garage Door Company comes in.

Reliable IDA-Certified Fire Doors

Since 1981, All Seasons Garage Door Company has been installing, repairing and replacing fire doors for businesses across Rogers. We can provide both electrical and mechanical fire doors, depending on what suits your premises. Electrical fire doors can automatically deploy when your fire alarm system is triggered, while mechanical fire doors have a temperature sensor that drops the door if the air temperature eclipses 165ºF.

Each of our fire door installations meets both IDA (International Door Association) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) fire safety standards. Our fire doors provide the best possible fire protection for your business in Rogers. Our electrical and mechanical fire doors are available in rolling steel or side sliding configurations.

To meet the strict safety standards of the NFPA, fire doors must be drop tested at least once a year. Thankfully, our experts can provide fire door drop testing services for your commercial premises in Rogers. If your fire doors fail the test because they drop too quickly or too slowly, we can repair or replace the faulty doors.

Trusted Fire Door Services in Rogers

Facing a fire on your commercial property is a terrifying prospect but fire doors can mitigate the danger. Get in touch with All Seasons Garage Door Companyour today for premium fire door services in the Rogers area!


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