Fire Door Services in Shoreview, MN

Shoreview Fire Door Services

Do you require fire door services for your business in Shoreview?

Fire doors form a vital part of your fire safety system, dropping automatically to contain a fire outbreak. This helps prevent the fire from spreading throughout your building while also allowing customers and staff to evacuate safely. All Seasons Garage Door Company offers the best fire door services in Shoreview.

Certified & Tested Fire Doors

The team at All Seasons Garage Door Company has been installing, repairing and replacing fire doors in Shoreview for more than 40 years. Our experts can install electrical or mechanical side sliding or rolling steel fire doors and help you choose the right ones for your building.

Our fire door installations are designed to comply with both IDA and NFPA standards to provide the ultimate in fire safety. Our electrical fire doors link with your existing alarm system, while our mechanical fire doors drop automatically when their temperature sensor burns out above 165ºF. 

Once you have fire doors installed, they must be tested regularly to make sure that they work properly and safely. Fire doors that drop too quickly or too slowly pose a major safety risk. That’s why we offer annual fire door inspections and drop testing services. If we do find a fault with your fire door system, we can put things right by repairing or replacing your fire doors.

Reliable Fire Doors For Businesses in Shoreview

To protect your customers and employees against potential fire hazards, have fire doors installed in your commercial building. Get in touch with All Seasons Garage Door Company today for the leading fire door services in the Shoreview area!


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