Common Commercial Garage Door Issues In Minnesota

From your home appliances to your business’ automatic doors, maintaining and protecting your everyday products is a must, whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner. Failure to keep with routine maintenance may lead to the deterioration of these products, and in our case, your commercial garage door could end up causing your countless troubles that could impact your company’s daily operations. 


Commercial garage door maintenance and repairs

Importance Of Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are a vital part of keeping your facility safe and secure. It’s crucial that this mechanism doesn’t malfunction. If you maintain a sturdy and durable commercial garage door, this will do nothing but enhance the business’ overall appearance.

However, if your commercial garage door has extenuating issues, this could cause financial harm to your business as clients will look for other options.


What Are Commercial Garage Doors Used For? 

So, what exactly makes commercial garage doors different from residential garage doors? Here we’ve rounded up the top commercial garage applications:

  1. The main applications of overhead commercial garage doors include doorways to allow convenient passage of vehicles. This includes delivery and shipment of various goods, personnel transportation and many other uses.
  2. In the situation that your commercial garage can’t support an overhead door, you may opt for high speed doors. These kinds of commercial garage doors feature a heavy duty fabric that is able to roll up and down quickly in order to maintain a temperature-controlled environment or allow for faster entrance and exiting.
  3. Commercial garage doors are typically utilized in parking garages, warehouses, and distribution centers, and such to offer a durable, well-insulated, and fire-resistant door. 


The Most Common Commercial Garage Door Issues  

For all of the uses listed above, it’s important that your commercial garage door is in proper condition. Here are a few of the most common commercial garage door issues that occur in Minnesota: 


Damaged Tracks 

The tracks that your garage door is guided by are vital pieces of your commercial garage door system. In the situation that your track is damaged or misaligned, your garage door may fail to open and close.  

To spot whether your garage door track system needs repairing, look closely for gaps between the rollers and railing as this could show evidence of damaged tracks.


Commercial Garage door repairs and maintenanceBroken Springs & Cables  

Your commercial garage door system operates via a system composed of torsion springs and cables. In case either of these mechanisms stop operating as they should, your commercial garage door may fail to close or open. 

To ensure the commercial garage door’s optimum performance, cables and springs require regular maintenance services in case the springs break down. Since your commercial garage door is made of many different parts and systems, it’s best to only have technicians and experts work on it.   


Power Issues 

Whether your commercial building utilizes an automatic overhead door or a manually-operated garage door, commercial garage doors require a sufficient power source to operate. If you notice your door fails to open and close properly, it’s best  to contact a commercial garage door repair expert to help locate and solve power supply issues. 


Damaged Garage Door Panels 

While your commercial building may lose curb appeal if the face of your garage door has suffered serious damage, the entire mechanism could possibly be compromised if it leads to the garage door system not being able to operate. 

Luckily, there solution to this problem, although it may require a couple hours of labor. To complete this task, garage door repair crews will have to find the exact match to the panel or the door that was damaged, remove it, and install an entirely new panel or door. 


Broken Rollers 

Over time, your garage door rollers will begin to wear down or gather dust and debris, causing increased chances of failed operation. From the accumulation of dirt to everyday usage, there’s a variety of different factors that impact the functioning of your garage door. 

In case the rollers in your garage door fail to operate properly, it’s important that you reach out to a commercial garage door technician to repair or replace damaged rollers as this can be an in-depth repair.  


Cold Weather Effects

During the colder months in Minnesota, commercial garage doors can contract which may cause several different issues. In fact, springs, tracks, hinges, and anything made out of metal may warp if they’re left idle in winter. Not to mention, your garage door may freeze to the ground due to ice pooling around it. 


commercial garage door installation & maintenanceCommercial Garage Door Issues In Minnesota

If your commercial doors are in dire need of help, it’s likely you may be suffering from the above-mentioned issues. 

Luckily, businesses in the Twin Cities, MN area can get their commercial doors repaired today. Here at All Seasons Garage Door Company, our expertly trained technicians are able to provide high-quality commercial garage door repair, replacement, and installation services. Contact us today!