Winter Garage Door Maintenance: Common Garage Door Problems In Minnesota

Prevent Winter Garage Door Issues!

It seems like this cold weather we are experiencing has taken us by surprise this year.  The cold weather has come much earlier this winter and is causing all sorts of garage door troubles. Stripped gears in operators and broken springs on your garage door seem to be the popular things to break when it gets extremely cold.  Gears usually go out because the operator has to work harder to run your garage door.  A garage door frozen to the garage floor, a door with condensation or ice build-up can all be culprits that cause stripped gears.

All these things will cause stress on the nylon gears in your garage door opener. If one of these things happen to your garage door opener, you may be a candidate for a gear replacement or even a complete new opener system.  We can help you access any cold weather problems you may be having with your garage door opener and guide you to a solution.

Garage door springs also break easier when its cold, especially older springs.  The cold weather makes the metal brittle and more susceptible to breaking.  Of course, when its really cold no wants to deal with a broken garage door or garage door opener which is why its good to be pro-active and do some regular maintenance to your doors when it is convenient to your schedule.  We often see people replacing gears and  springs before they break in order to avoid these bothersome problems at inopportune times.


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All Seasons Garage Door is ready to tackle all your troubles no matter the time of year-hence the name! Give us a call and we will be happy to help.  Don’t get stuck out in the cold with a broken door-especially this year!