Extreme Garage Door Repair in Coon Rapids

Here is an extreme repair we recently did in Coon Rapids after the customer accidentally ran through the center post and the garage doors.  Our service technician Anthony was able to get the center post remounted to the concrete and get the doors back into place for security.

The doors will still have to be replaced, but it was amazing what Anthony was able to do to get these folks some security during a trying time.  Helped set their mind at ease after a difficult situation.

Location: Shirley – Coon Rapids


Garage Coon Rapids 2

After Center Post Was Remounted

Repair Coon Rapids
After – Garage Door Center Post Secured and Doors Made Functional & Secure

After – Garage Doors Repaired Enough to be Functional & Secure

Repair Coon Rapids 3
After – Doors Still Need to be Replaced but are Secure & Functional

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