Most Common Garage Door & Opener Problems In MN

People experience all sorts of issues regarding their garage doors and openers, some problems are much more common than others.

If your garage or opener are giving you trouble here are four of the most common problems that our technicians see in the field.


What Causes Garage Door Problems?

1. Broken spring

When a spring breaks, it is normally because they are set for a certain amount of cycles. Some common cycle counts on springs can range from 5,000 cycles up to 25,000 cycles or higher. A full cycle on a spring is counted when the door goes up and down once, meaning your door can go up and down 10,000 times or more. When the life cycle of a spring ends, the spring will break.


2. Broken cable or door off track

When a cable breaks, or comes off the drum, this can cause your door to come off track. Over time cables can become brittle and start to fray, which can cause them to unwind or even to snap.


3. Photo eyes are out of alignment

Photo eyes are the two sensors located on either side of the garage door, about 6 inches above the ground. They are a safety feature that will stop the garage door from closing if there is an obstruction in the way. Being they are located so close to the ground, it is very common for them to get bumped, which can knock them out of alignment.


4. Stripped gears / broken chain sprocket in the opener

On average, usually between the 10-12 year time frame it’s very common for the gears to become worn out from usage. This can sometimes happen sooner if there is something else going on with the door, such as an unbalanced garage door spring, or a broken spring, which makes the door extremely heavy and can easily wear off the teeth on the nylon gear.


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