Does Your Garage Door Sound Like a Monster: Common Causes & Fixes

Do you hear horrible sounds coming from your garage every time someone uses the garage door? Does your garage door wake you up when used?

Whatever is causing your garage door to sound like a monster, it’s best to figure out the cause and put a stop to it before you end up the least popular house on the block – or before something goes wrong and someone gets hurt.

What’s making all that noise?

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No garage door or opener runs absolutely silently, but there is a difference between normal function and a monster. As with any machine with gears and moving parts, there are a number of things that can be causing a particular type of noise or malfunction. Depending on the model and how it’s installed, even some brand-new garage doors and garage door openers can make a surprising amount of noise.

 One of the most common causes of garage door noise is friction. As garage door opener mechanisms age, their parts can lose their lubrication and noisily grind against each other. Bolts and screws can loosen, and parts may wear out and need replacement. Any of these normal elements of wear and tear will cause your garage door opener to get a little louder. Same with the hinges and rollers on the garage door itself.

While this doesn’t necessarily signal a particular problem, it can be annoying and inconvenience. But some causes of garage door noise, especially in older models or those that have sustained damage, will need attention quickly before they become a safety concern.

Can I fix it myself?

In many cases you can simply apply a lubricant to the moving parts. Lubricants specially made for garage door openers are available, but any good silicone based lubricant will work. (Note: Please don’t use WD-40! While it will help silence the beast – it tends to attract additional dirt and can drip on your car). Then, double check that all the nuts and bolts are secure and tighten any in need.

When should I call a professional?

All Seasons Garage Door TeamYou should contact a professional garage door company if you’re in doubt about proceeding, or if the parts to your garage door or opener need replacement. If your garage door opener is older than 1993 and is starting to act up, it’s best to have it replaced. Modern garage door openers run quieter, and are built to higher standards than those constructed before that time.  Including the addition of all operators now have photo eyes.

If you are ever in doubt let the professional at All Seasons Garage Door take care of the issue for you!