How Does Minnesota Weather Affect My Garage Door?

“Wait a minute and the weather will change…”

How many times have you heard that phrase when it comes to Minnesota’s weather? Minnesota’s weather brings us all sorts of surprises, from the snow, sleet, and ice of winter to the harsh sun, rain and humidity of summer. As sure as the change in our Minnesota weather is the effect the weather has on our garage doors and garage door openers.

It’s true, weather can affect how your garage door and garage door opener operate.


How Weather Affects Your Garage Door

1. The Direction Your Garage Door Faces

Have you found that a different times of the day your garage door opener will not allow your door to shut? Is your house facing east or west? Do you get the morning or afternoon sun rays on your garage door? Those direct sun rays can hit your photo eyes and make your garage door opener think there is an obstruction and not allow it to close.

A few options to remedy this problem is to endure it until the sun moves in the sky or make a small tent like cover from paper or cardboard to deflect the sun’s rays from hitting your photo eyes.

2. Heat & Humidity

Heat and humidity can also affect the running of your garage door. Your garage can heat up to well over a 100 degrees on a typical summer day. The heat of the summer can affect the electronics in your garage door opener causing a need for an adjustment to the the sensitivity or limits of travel for your garage door opener.

If you are finding your garage door is not closing properly or will not stay closed you might need an adjustment to your garage door or garage door opener. The professionals at All Seasons Garage Door would be happy to help you with any and all types of adjustments to your garage door or opener.

3. Power Surges

Spring and summer storms are often accompanied by electrical storms. Power surges are common with our summer storms. Garage Door Openers are particularly vulnerable to power surges. One lightning strike near your home could cause a power surge that damages the circuit board in your garage door opener. A good safeguard to protect your garage door opener is to plug in a surge protector on the outlet where your opener is plugged. Small, single outlet surge protectors are available at most hardware stores and office supply stores.


Make Sure Your Garage Stays Operational

Don’t be surprised when the changes in Minnesota’s weather affects the working of your garage door and opener. Instead be prepared, a little industrious, and keep the telephone number handy for All Seasons Garage Door to help you with your weather related garage door problems.