7 Interesting Ways Garage Doors Are Used Here In Minnesota

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Garage doors…

We use them every day. We come and go through them, and think nothing of it. They give us security, warmth and shelter.

Besides the everyday uses we associate with our common garage doors there are many fun and unique applications for a garage door. Here are a few interesting ways we’ve seen garage doors used throughout Minnesota.


Common (and not-so-common) Uses For Garage Doors

  1. Garage doors on boat houses.
  2. Stained glass garage doors in kitchens and restaurants for decoration and privacy.
  3. Plexiglas garage doors in the hockey rink for Zamboni garage.
  4. Garage screened doors to keep bugs out, or to keep butterflies in.
  5. Garage doors at your favorite Caribou coffee window.
  6. Garage doors as room dividers in restaurants, churches and meeting rooms.
  7. Counter top garage doors over the press box at the baseball field or in your church kitchen.


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Garages In Unique Applications

Next time you are on a car trip or trying to entertain the family in the car, see if they can spot garage doors in unique places. Garage doors can be big or small.

They can be made of wood, steel, glass, mosquito screen, cyclone fencing, rubber, plastic or fabric. They can be found on barns, dog houses, golf courses, Campers or trailers, grocery stores, hospitals, commercial buildings and residential homes.

There are even many beautiful garage doors that surround the Carousel at Minnesota’s Como Park. So keep your eyes open for some fun uses of garage doors! Take a look around and notice them at the many places you go.