Importance Of An Insulated Garage Door

We keep valuable things in our garage. Our cars, bikes, motorcycles, even boats. So it’s important that our garages are secure and protected from the weather. 

As we all know, Minnesota temperatures stretch from triple-digits in the peak of summer to negative degrees in the winter. Having a garage door that can stand up to changing conditions is a must. The heat needs to remain outside your garage in the summer, and the cold air must be kept outdoors during the winter.

In order to accomplish these goals, insulated garage doors will be just the thing you’re looking for. These doors can protect the contents of your garage from whatever the weather throws at you. Here’s why an insulated garage door is a great idea.


Top 5 Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Money Savings

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All homes leak energy due to temperature. With garage doors, this is often exacerbated. Garage doors are large and flat, which means they have a greater surface area than other doors. If something has a larger surface area, it wicks out more heat. 

This means your heating has to work harder to keep the house warm, especially if you have an attached garage. In the winter months especially, having an uninsulated garage door can cost you a lot of money. Specifically, garages that have a bedroom overtop can particularly suffer from this problem.

Insulated garage doors help mitigate this by keeping the heat in during the winter, placing less stress on your heating system as well as your wallet.


Noise Reduction

Not only will an uninsulated garage door let the elements in, but it will also let external noise in as well. Without insulation, the thin gap around the edge of your garage can be an easy opening for sound to enter your home, if you have an attached garage door. This can affect your sleep as well as the stress levels of you and your family and pets, especially if your bedroom is right above the garage. An insulated garage door will help to curb the amount of noise that leaks into your home. 


Improve Garage Door Strength


Most standard garage doors have just one layer of metal that makes up the main panel structure. This means that they aren’t as strong and rigid in the face of punishment. Even just opening and closing the door can cause wear and tear to each of the garage door panels. And that’s before other incidents such as accidentally backing the car into the door, basketballs bouncing off or the relentless elements in winter. 

In contrast, insulated garage doors have two or even three layers as part of their construction, increasing its durability and strength. This benefit can be enjoyed regardless of whether your garage is connected to the rest of the house or not.


Increase Garage Usability

We don’t just use our garages to store cars, motorcycles or other smaller items. Garages can be used as workshops, playrooms, or even home cinemas. If the garage is a cold, damp, noisy space, homeowners aren’t going to be inclined to use it. This can happen with an uninsulated garage door. But if the garage has an insulated door, particularly if it isn’t attached to the house, the space will be much more welcoming and usable for any function that your family needs.


Improved Protection For Your Belongings 

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Items such as vehicles, tools, sporting equipment and other valuable items require proper protection against the elements. All of these things can become damaged over time if the cold Minnesota winter air enters your garage through an uninsulated door. Extreme cold or extreme heat can cause damage to almost anything. By changing your home garage door to an insulated version, these important belongings can be protected from the elements like cold and water damage.

Insulated garage doors aren’t just beneficial for home use either. Businesses can arguably get even more benefits from insulated garage doors. Whether your business has one or many loading docks, having insulated garage doors are extremely beneficial for keeping the both the extremely cold and very hot air out of your commercial property.


Garage Door Servicing Professionals In Twin Cities

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