The Importance of Garage Door Weather Stripping: Installation & Benefits

Need New Weather Stripping For Your Garage Door?

Does your garage door leak when it rains?  With all this rain we have been having lately you may have noticed your door is not up to the task of keeping the elements out anymore.  Minnesota is notorious for being hard on our home’s exterior as we switch from sub zero winters to hot humid summers.  The seals around the outside of the garage door are not exempt from the damage that can be done.

If your door is still in pretty good shape you may be able to help the problem with new weather stripping.

When trying to find the leaks you need to know where it is coming from.  Is it coming in from the top, bottom, sides, or through the sections?  If you need to create the same conditions outside when the door is leaking to find it,  you can use a hose with a sprayer attached and stand inside the garage while someone sprays the hose to see where the leak is coming from.  (Remember that when doing this that the rain usually does not hit the door straight on but runs down it, unless it is a driving rain.)

Fixing Garage Door Leaks


If the water is coming in on the sides or top of the door the problem can usually be resolved or lessened by new weather stripping.  All Seasons Garage Door sells weather stripping that goes around the sides and top of the door in a variety of colors or we can come out and replace it for you.

We also sell the the bottom seal that runs along the bottom of the door if leaking underneath the door seems to be the problem.  (Please note that if the concrete under the garage door is damaged or slanted there may only be limited improvement by using new bottom seal)

If you are having leaking through the door, typically it will be a wood door.  In this case a well done painting of the door may fix the problem.  Be sure to follow directions on painting wood garage doors and use the proper paint and caulk for the job.

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Replacing seals and painting may not always do the trick against extreme weather, but it can really help in many situations. Not only will you see a reduction in leakage with this fix, but it also helps reduce wind and keep the effects of cold Minnesota winters outside. If you have any questions regarding your garage door or need service on your garage door give us a call! We would love to help!  Call us today at 763-755-0210!