All Seasons Garage Door is Moving!

We have been at our location in Coon Rapids for over 12 years I believe and before that we operated out of a garage at Mark’s house. Very humble beginnings. Our current facility is about 2500 square total office/warehouse. Our new facility is almost 12,000 square feet office/warehouse. Its crazy how much bigger is is. We are very blessed to find such a great building in Ramsey.

Our new location is:

Main Office and Showroom
14161 Basalt St. NW
Ramsey, MN 55303

It was not an easy journey to bring us to where we are today. Mark and his family have struggled for years (especially the early ones) to make this company work. I remember a story Mark told me about their first sale as All Seasons Garage Door. Mark wanted to keep the first dollar they made and put it in a frame, but Dara, his wife, said we need that dollar to pay for bills!

Thats how tough things were in the beginning. I was fortunate to be one of their first employees almost 19 years ago to witness those struggles. I remember digging a trench in their backyard so we could run a water line from the house to the garage so we could put in a bathroom. That was a big deal!

I remember being shoulder to shoulder with Mark every morning loading trucks and listening to his motivational speeches about how we were going to succeed that day. Back then we didn’t look much past the current day-it was critical to make every day count. We couldn’t afford to think in week or month terms-the current day was our measuring stick.

Through the years people have come and gone at All Seasons including myself. Today though, we have a great crew and I feel very blessed to be part of this team again. I have witnessed that greatness in getting this new building cleaned up and ready to move in.

Its been over three years since I have been back and it great to see the growth and commitment from our group. This new building is just a small part of that. It wouldn’t matter if we were still operating out of a small garage on Mississippi Blvd. this group would get it done! Back in those days I remember seeing Mark and Dara’s kids walk to school every morning.Today I work with them and call them co-workers. Its great to see how far they have come as well. Its an American success story if you will.

Family has a vision/goal, struggles through tough times to do good and finally succeeds at it. Now its fun to see All Seasons and Mark and Dara give back to their employees and their community. They have never forgot where they came from and will always be looking towards the future. In our new building we have lots of office space-one of the things that has been an issue at our old building. Mark has bounced from office to office, to open chair to wherever he could set up camp at our old building. He always made sure everyone else had a place to call their own before he worried about himself.

If you happen to visit us at our new location you will see Mark finally has an office to call his own, but don’t look for the biggest, nicest office in the building-thats not his. Mark would not hear of that. He has the smallest office in the building. Thats just how he is. One thing he does have is a great view out the window of his office overlooking the front yard of his new building. Looking back at where he began that might make that the best office in the whole building.