Open Door Grant

Open Door Grant
All Seasons Garage Door

Open Doors Community Grant Program

“We benefit by giving back”

We want to make a difference in our community by helping people who can make it happen! At All Seasons Garage Door, everyone of our employees is a part of our local community. We want to help support those who are out there doing good work to better our community together. 


Projects and groups with significant involvement by local community members and for local community members. Projects and groups that focus on enriching and bettering the lives of our local community. Projects that encourage collaboration among community members and organizations are also given priority. 

The following projects are not eligible: a) projects and causes that do not directly impact our local community and community organizations; c) projects identified with political parties of any kind; d) projects sponsored by a for profit organization; e) organizations that practice discrimination of any kind; f) general contributions to capital campaigns; g) operating deficits or retirement of debt; h ) endowment programs; and i) real estate acquisitions.

  • List the broad goal(s) of the proposed project:
  • List the specific objectives for the project. List the specific changes in policies, programs, personal competence, or resources that will result from this project. Specific aims should refer to outcomes or changes in the community that can reduce risk of the health problem.
  • Describe how the identified problem is relevant to our local community:
  • Describe the people that will be affected by the project and where the project will take place.
  • Indicate how the project is important to our local community.
  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please attach any additional documents that you would like to share with us.

    LETTER OF AGREEMENT FOR APPLICANTS TO SIGN BEFORE THEY ARE GIVEN THEIR GRANT AWARD. This is an Agreement between All Seasons Garage Door Open Doors Grant Sponsor and the Applicant. 

I will give All Seasons Garage Door a report of how the project went and what was accomplished no later than 2 months after grant has been received.
 I will spend the money I get only on things I said I would in my application. 
 If my program is youth focused, I will ask youths to be involved in making decisions about the project.
 Allow photographs of the grant giving, and any appropriate project photos. I understand that the photographs belong to All Seasons Garage Door and that they will be used to show others the benefits of the Open Doors Grant program. I will tell All Seasons Garage Door if someone in my project does not want his or her picture used. 
I will tell others that my project is being funded by All Seasons Garage Door Open Doors Grant program through social media outlets (facebook, instagram). 
If I am part of an organization, then my signature indicate that I'm the one who has the right to enter into contracts with others for my organization. 
I will let you check my background to see that all this information I've provided is true.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Thanks for your application!
If you are funded, we wish you great success!
If you are not funded, don’t give up. Talk to someone at All Seasons Garage Door about your ideas and try again next quarter.  We want to work with you!