Preparing Your Garage Door & Opener for Winter

No one wants to deal with a door or operator that’s not working when its -10 degrees outside.

A few good things to do in the fall are:

  • lubricate all moving parts so the door runs smooth and inspect parts for wear and replace as needed
  • check your seals on the doors which can help save on those winter heating costs
  • be sure to check your operator and make sure it is closing the door properly to keep the elements out.

A very common problem that we see in the winter is the gears in the garage door opener going bad.  The operator has to work harder to open/close the door in the colder months and older operators (10-12 years old) tend to strip gears due to this.  If your operator is older you can be proactive and get those gears replaced before you are stuck with a broken garage door opener when you need to get the kids to school or are off to the Friday Night football game.

Refer to our maintenance section of our website for helpful tips for the do-it-yourselfers or schedule a service call with one of our trained service technicians to get you ready for winter.