How to Rejuvenate Your Old Garage Door at Your Minnesota Home

During Minnesota summers we are always in a hurry to get our outdoor projects done before the nice weather leaves us. If you have been out and around your house you may have noticed that maybe your garage door is looking dull, not sealing up correctly, or possibly just needs a new coat of paint.

We have put together a few tips for sprucing up your old door without having to replace it.


1. Make Sure Your Garage Door Seals Are In Working Order

Minnesota is notorious for being hard on our weather seals around the doors and across the bottom.  These are important pieces that keep the elements out of the garage.  Eventually most people will experience deterioration of the seals from weather, sunlight, critters, etc.

This is a very easy fix on your door.  You are able to purchase new seals straight from All Seasons Garage Door or you can have us install them for you and take the hassle out of it for you.  We have the bottom seals as well as a variety of colors for the seal that goes along the sides and the top of the door.


2. Wash Your Garage Door Regularly

Steel and Aluminum doors

Wash the the exterior of your door at least one time per year. You can dilute one cup of common household detergent (Laundry, or dishwashing) in 5 gallons of warm water and wash door with a dense sponge or cloth. Rinse door until thoroughly clean. (Remember to never blend cleansers or detergents with bleach)

Wood Doors

Wood doors require periodical inspection of the door finish. Visually inspect the door once a year to determine if the finish is weathered, deteriorating or thin. Stripping and refinishing of the door may be required.

Windows and Window Inserts

Use a soft cloth and common household glass cleaner.

Decorative hardware

No cleaning is required to maintain appearance. Slight variations in individual finishes are intended. some changes in color will occur over time, enhancing the natural look of each piece.


Apply A New Coat Of Paint

Steel Doors

Most manufactured steel doors are pre-painted with a factory-applied finish that is suitable to be repainted with a wide variety of 100% acrylic exterior grade latex paints.  When painting your door, follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.  No warranty of compatibility is made or implied by Amarr.  Painting pre-painted steel doors voids the paint finish warranty.

Preparation of Steel Doors

Lightly buff of sand any surface imperfections.  Next, visually inspect door for areas of exposed metal.  Treat any exposed metal areas with a primer specifically designed to protect galvanized steel from rusting.  Allow the primer to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Once dry, thoroughly clean your door using the instructions listed above for cleaning.  Door must e painted within 24-hours after cleaning.

Painting of Steel Doors

Use a high quality 100% acrylic exterior grade latex paint.  Do not used oil based paint.  Paint should be thoroughly mixed before using.  Follow the paint manufacturers instructions in relationship to temperature, sunlight, number of coats, etc.  To avoid paint bleeding when using two colors, use a painting tape.  (Note: Painting pre-painted steel doors typically voids the paint finish warranty that most door manufacturers carry)

Finishing your Wood Door

Wood garage door finishing typically requires all six sides of the section to be finished.  If staining your garage door it would be best to consult with a finishing expert, or the specific door manufacturer’s instructions if available.

Once your door is looking great from the outside make sure that you keep in mind the general maintenance that the moving parts of your doors need.  For Instructions visit the link below.


Need Garage Door Maintenance Performed?

If you’re needing garage door maintenance performed on your home’s garage door, make sure to contact the professionals at All Seasons Garage Door Company! We happily service the Twin Cities, MN area with repair services, new openers, new door installations and more!