FAQ's - Can I replace a single panel of my garage door if it's damaged?

Can I replace a single panel of my garage door?

Damage to your garage door can inhibit its functionality and mar its appearance. Sometimes, only a single panel of a garage door may be damaged. A variety of things can cause this, from a vehicle pulling too far forward and hitting the panel to children at play bashing the panel with a hockey stick or a foul softball. Replacing an entire garage door in Minnesota costs over $1,000 on average, and it’s a shame to shell out so much money if the damage is localized to a single panel. This leads many homeowners to wonder if they can simply replace the damaged panel and save money.

The short answer is yes, you can replace a single panel of your garage door. However, this is one replacement job you don’t want to try by yourself. Removing the damaged garage door panel and then installing the new panel is a difficult process that requires special tools that probably aren’t part of your toolkit. If not replaced properly, the new garage door panel may quickly sustain damage. Also, the replacement process is dangerous for anyone who does not have experience working with garage doors.

If you want to have a single garage door panel replaced, then it’s time to call a trusted garage door repair company in Minnesota. Experienced garage door technicians will be able to safely and flawlessly install your replacement panel. They’re also more likely to be able to procure a panel that matches the color and the materials of the one that’s damaged.

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