FAQ's - What are common dock leveler issues?

What are common dock leveler issues?

Dock levelers are a key feature of any loading dock in Minnesota, creating a safe and level bridge between a delivery truck and the warehouse floor. Although dock levelers are designed to be sturdy and reliable, they need routine maintenance to continue functioning at peak performance. When maintenance is neglected, a number of issues can arise, including:

  • The mechanism which controls your dock leveler may break, whether you have a manual mechanical leveler or an automatic hydraulic leveler. Chain breakage on manual dock levelers is more common but also a cheaper replacement. Hydraulic pump breakdowns are less common but can be more expensive to fix. If not repaired quickly, this can result in costly shipping delays.
  • The spring tension of your dock leveler may weaken, causing the surface of the leveler to become uneven. If a forklift or other loading device is driven over an unlevel dock leveler, it could result in an accident that injures a worker or damages the product.
  • Over time, dock levelers may fall out of adjustment and become uneven. Eventually, the weight of forklifts carrying heavy cargo over the leveler can strain them to the point that they are no longer level. This increases the likelihood of operator accidents and supply chain interruptions.
  • The cold winter weather in Minnesota is known to take a toll on dock levelers. If your dock leveler is frequently exposed to subzero temperatures, the odds of a malfunction are higher. Regular maintenance can mitigate the risk of weather damage to your dock leveler.

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