FAQ's - How do I prevent dock
leveler problems from happening?

How do I prevent dock leveler problems from happening?

Although dock levelers normally operate without issue, problems can occur if routine maintenance is not performed or safe operational practices are not observed. When a dock leveler becomes inoperable, it can result in major delivery problems for your company in Minnesota. Here are a few tips to prevent dock leveler problems:

  • To ensure your dock leveler is in safe operating condition, have a professional technician perform an inspection and maintenance every three months. This will allow any issues with the performance of your dock leveler to be noticed and corrected before they become more serious problems.
  • Keep records of all inspections and maintenance performed on your dock leveler. This will help you to keep track of issues and may also allow for a warranty replacement of your dock leveler if it malfunctions prematurely.
  • Make sure that all employees who will be using the dock leveler have read the instruction manual and are well-versed on safe usage. Trained employees are far less likely to make a mistake that damages your dock leveler or results in a workplace accident.
  • Always practice safe operating procedures when using your dock leveler. Avoid obstructions around the operating area and make sure employees stand clear when the dock leveler is in motion to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Never overload your dock leveler, as too much weight can cause it to break down. If your dock leveler becomes damaged due to improper operation, make sure to have it repaired before attempting to use it again.

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