How To Clean Your Garage & Door – Squeegee!

The word “squeegee” is not only fun to say, it is a great tool to have in your home. As I was using my squeegee to clean the Minnesota winter slop off my garage floor, I was reflecting on all the uses of the lowly simple squeegee.

Minnesota winters escort loads of snow, salt, sand and grit into our garages as we drive our beloved cars into their winter shelters. It doesn’t take long before the all that grit and grime load our garage floors to overflowing. That winter sludge can eat away at your garage floor and the wires and electronics on your garage door opener photo eyes. The snow and ice melt can cause your garage door to freeze to the floor during those cold winter nights, damaging your rubber bottom seal or putting stress on your garage door opener as it tries to open your garage door that has frozen to the floor.

The simple unassuming squeegee to the rescue! This is where you use your squeegee to push all that winter debris back outdoors where it belongs. Getting rid of all that winter yuck off your garage door floor will not only add years of life to your garage floor, garage door and garage door opener photo eyes, It will give you that just cleaned feeling…… like a car wash, or a morning shower. If you don’t already own a squeegee, visit your nearest hardware or home improvement store to add a squeegee to your garage tool assortment.