Summer Safety – Garage Doors & Openers

Hopefully warmer weather is just around the corner and with that comes spending time outside, barbeques and everything else that goes with Summer.

People will be spending time in their garages working on lawn mowers, having get togethers and hopefully enjoying the Summer weather.

It’s a great time to check your safety features on your garage door opener to make sure they are operating properly. Clean any debris from the photo eyes like cobwebs or shovels that may cause issues later on. When closing the garage door, wave something in front of the photo eyes to make sure the door reverses.

You can find how to check these things in your owners manual or give us a call and we will gladly come out and check it for you. Safety with your garage door is very important especially if children are playing by that area.

Take time to instruct kids of the dangers of garage doors so they understand that garage doors and operators are not toys and need to be used by older kids and adults only

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