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“I pushed the button and the door does not open.” One of our most common problems among homeowners.  The life of a quality garage door opener typically last about 15 years. During that time frame they do their job diligently every day, opening and closing the door. There are many reasons a garage door opener stops...
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All Seasons Garage Door Team
People experience all sorts of issues regarding their garage doors and openers, some problems are much more common than others. If your garage or opener are giving you trouble here are four of the most common problems that our technicians see in the field.   What Causes Garage Door Problems? 1. Broken spring When a...
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“My garage door opener is broken and I don’t know if I should repair or replace?” This is a common question we hear from our customers.  We say that nowadays, with our increased use of our garages, a quality garage door opener will last 9-10 years.  Some they will last longer, some will be shorter....
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All Seasons Garage Door Team - garage door professionals
Prevent Winter Garage Door Issues! It seems like this cold weather we are experiencing has taken us by surprise this year.  The cold weather has come much earlier this winter and is causing all sorts of garage door troubles. Stripped gears in operators and broken springs on your garage door seem to be the popular...
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All Seasons Garage Door Team - garage door professionals
Is Your Garage Door Prepared For Winter? Winter is coming and it is knocking on your garage door.  Some of us hearty Minnesotans look forward to winter, others not so much, but one thing we agree on is nobody looks forward to a winter garage door repair.  No one wants to get out in the...
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