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The word “squeegee” is not only fun to say, it is a great tool to have in your home. As I was using my squeegee to clean the Minnesota winter slop off my garage floor, I was reflecting on all the uses of the lowly simple squeegee. Minnesota winters escort loads of snow, salt, sand and grit...
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No one wants to deal with a door or operator that’s not working when its -10 degrees outside. A few good things to do in the fall are: lubricate all moving parts so the door runs smooth and inspect parts for wear and replace as needed check your seals on the doors which can help...
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Eden Praire After 1
During Minnesota summers we are always a hurry to get our outdoor projects done before the nice weather leaves us. If you have been out and around your house you may have noticed that maybe your garage door is looking dull,  not sealing up correctly, or possibly just needs a new coat of paint. We have...
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