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“I pushed the button and the door does not open.” One of our most common problems among homeowners.  The life of a quality garage door opener typically last about 15 years. During that time frame they do their job diligently every day, opening and closing the door. There are many reasons a garage door opener stops...
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Repair & Replace Garage Door Openers
Time For Winter Storage: Where to Stash Your Stuff… The fall has quickly turned to winter in Minnesota. Along with our seasonal transition comes the task of getting our homes ready for the long winter ahead. Flower pots, hoses, shovels and garden implements, lawn furniture, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers and holiday decorations are all looking...
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Finally… A Practical (and incredible) Christmas Gift! A new garage door opener or any one of the new electronic gadgets that accessorize your garage door opener could be that perfect gift. Liftmaster Garage Door Openers with the My-Q technology, are especially nice for the techie person on your gift list. The My-Q enabled accessories allow...
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