Technology In The Field

As technology gets more advanced and more products become available, we continue to strive to provide the highest quality experience to each of our customers.  We recently outfitted our sales staff with some new technology.  We now have tablets in the field with our sales staff to utilize and make the home consultation more efficient and offer more information while right at your home.

Here are a few of things we can now do while on site right from our new tablets:

1) Take Pictures and make a mock-up of what a new door would look like on your house right on site.   This eliminates taking the picture and sending you an email at a later time with the choices you selected.  This has helped tremendously for a homeowner to be able to see what the final look will be like prior to purchasing their door.  
2) Check on Stock Doors levels to see if your door is in stock right away.
3) Schedule your installation right at the time of purchase.  Instead of waiting for the door to arrive first or have the office call at a later time to schedule the installation.
4) Keep personal information safe and secure by process credit card transactions electronically. Eliminating the need to take any personal information when you purchase your new garage door.
Give us a call today and let our sales staff show you the wide variety of garage door styles and models and we can help you find one  best suited to meet your needs.