Importance Of Reprogramming Your Garage Keyless Entry Pad

Is It Time To Reprogram Your Keyless Garage Door Entry?

Remember the days when all your neighbors, home contractors, meter readers and neighborhood kids had your keyless entry code?

Have the neighbors moved away, the contractors finished their work and have the neighborhood kids grown up and moved away too?  Then it is time to reprogram your keyless entry code.

Changing your keyless entry code is easier than you think.  All makes and models of keyless entries have different procedures to reprogram your keyless entry code. Check your owners manual to get the procedure for your specific keyless entry.

If you can’t find your owners manual, many makes and models of keyless entries programming instructions are available online or you can call your service professional at All Seasons Garage Door to schedule a garage door safety check call along with reprogramming your keyless entry.  

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Maybe your keyless entry has stopped working or needs a new battery.  Many homeowners are not aware there is a battery in their keyless entry.  A simple battery change can bring back to life an old keyless entry that you didn’t think worked anymore.

Reprogramming your keyless entry will bring you back your privacy, safety and security.

Updating Your Keyless Entry Code

It is time to stop sharing your private keyless entry security code with your old neighbors and update your keyless entry code today.  For additional assistance call All Seasons Garage Door today. 763-755-0210