Top 4 Winter Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Why Do Garage Doors Experience Issues In Cold Weather?

Winter is here and we are starting to get our usual Minnesota winter issues when it comes to garage doors and openers.  As we head into January here are some tips on what to look for when you start having issues.


Tips For Fixing Winter Garage Door Issues

1. Contracting metal/cold weather issues

Symptoms: Garage door opener will stop during travel up and down.

Solution: When we go from hot to cold temperatures here in MN we sometimes will see the metal contracting which makes it harder for the opener to move the garage door up and down.  Many times this can be corrected by a force adjustment on the garage door opener itself.  In order to adjust your force limit check out your owners manual for your particular opener, or give us a shout and we would be happy to come out and service your garage door by tuning up and lubing the door and make any necessary adjustments.  Using a garage door spray lube on the rollers, hinges, and bearings of the door can go a long way as well.


2. Garage door freezing to the floor

Symptoms: Garage door will not open, opener is trying to open it.

Solution: Winter ice and snow build up under the door can cause the door to freeze down.  It can also cause the door to not close all the way as it comes down on a pile of snow.  Keep the area where the garage door meets the floor clean and clear.  We have also found that spraying a bit of cooking spray on the bottom rubber seal of the door helps to keep the door from freezing to the floor.


3. Broken gears or travelers on garage door openers.

Symptoms:Garage door opener sounds like it is traveling the whole way but the door does not move.

Solution: Typically this problem is caused by Problem #2 we listed, or just by age of opener.  When the door freezes down the opener is still trying to open the door and something has to give.  Most often it is the gears inside or the traveler depending on the brand of garage door opener.  To repair the problem give us a call and we can come out and make repairs or supply parts!

4. Excess grease/thickening of grease

Symptoms: Garage door has trouble going up and down or will not go up and down. (Similar to contracting metal symptoms)

Solution: If a garage door has grease in the tracks the cold weather can make this grease thicken up and make the door unable to travel or not travel smoothly.  It is not recommended to put grease in the tracks in our climate because of this reason.  Depending on how extensive the problem is sometimes it may be necessary to replace the vertical tracks and rollers to combat this problem.


Prevent Cold Weather Garage Door Issues

If you’re wanting to avoid cold weather garage door issues this winter, make sure to be proactive! For any other garage door issues that pop up, contact our service professionals today!

We hope you have a great holidays and we wish you many happy openings and closing of your garage doors!