Why Do Garage Door Openers Stop Working?

“I pushed the button and the door does not open.”

One of our most common problems among homeowners.  The life of a quality garage door opener typically last about 15 years. During that time frame they do their job diligently every day, opening and closing the door.

There are many reasons a garage door opener stops working.  Here are some of the top problems we come across. 


Top Reasons For Garage Door Issues

1. Faulty Parts

In some garage door openers the gears in an opener will strip out due to normal wear and tear or a electrical surge may knock out the circuit board. The opener may no longer lift the door but could still make make noise or click, the chain or belt may move but the door will not go up.  

Call your local garage door guys and they can check it out.  Many garage door parts can easily be replaced and get you up and running again!


2. Broken spring

The opener may only open up a few inches then go back down.  Or it may not move at all.  The door is to heavy at this point for the garage door opener to open it.  

Call your local garage door company and get the broken spring replaced ASAP and do not use the garage door opener until then.  It will eventually damage the opener if you continue to use the opener with a broken spring on the door.


3. Broken cable

If you have a broken cable the door usually is crooked in the opening and the opener is not able to lift the door.  Call your local garage door company and get the cables replaced ASAP and do not use the garage door opener until then.


4. No power

If you are using a remote control check the batteries and change them out for brand new ones.  The battery life of a garage door opener remote typically is 1-3 years depending on use and battery brand.  Once you have checked that or you are using the wall pad in the garage check the outlet to make sure the opener is getting power.  

Make sure you check the breakers to be sure everything is up and running.  If there is no power and an answer can not be found a electrician may need to be called.  


Trusted Garage Door Services

If you’re needing a high quality garage door repair or replacement service, contact the professionals at All Seasons Garage Door Company today! Whether it’s a commercial garage door, dock leveler or your home garage door, our service team is experienced in all kinds of replacement and repair services.


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