Winter Is Knocking On Your Garage Door… Be Prepared!

Is Your Garage Door Prepared For Winter?

Winter is coming and it is knocking on your garage door.  Some of us hearty Minnesotans look forward to winter, others not so much, but one thing we agree on is nobody looks forward to a winter garage door repair.  No one wants to get out in the cold and have to work on their garage door or worse yet your garage door gets damaged by a snow plow or your car slides into it.

Winter can also take a toll on your garage door opener.  The gears in your garage door opener can be striped or damaged if your garage door freezes to your concrete garage floor. Your garage door opener can be damaged when the garage door opener tries to pull the garage door free from an ice and snow buildup on your garage floor threshold.

One of the best things you can do to lessen the chance of your garage door freezing to the floor is to keep your garage door opening free of snow and ice build up.  A secret remedy that may help with ice and snow build up is:  A mixture of 1 teaspoon Dawn Dish Soap, 1 Tablespoon rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon of hot/warm, pour over your garage threshold to keep the opening free of ice. You may have to repeat several times throughout the winter to maintain an ice free garage threshold.

Damaged garage doors from snow plows and cars are a very common repair in the winter.  No matter how careful we are, Minnesota ice and snow can send us colliding into the garage doors. Doors that have been hit or are off track and in need of repair are a specialty of ours and we are always ready and willing to help in these situations.

Twin Cities’ Trusted Winter Garage Door Repair Pros

Our trucks are fully stocked with parts for most makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers and our service techs are trained to handle these situations so that you can get on with your busy day.  We can come out and get your garage door working in most situations and measure up sections for replacement if needed.  Don’t let winter slow you down!  Call All Seasons Garage Door to take care of these tough situations, you’ll be glad you did.